What do you do all day?

Can I get an amen to how mother effing hard this stay at home mom/cook/homeschool teacher/maid/Correctional officer/faith builder/Driver/tutor/personal assistant/seamstress/counselor /everything else under the sun gig is on a person? Some days, and this is one of those days 100% for sure “OMG “I would rather have the hardest job I’ve ever had instead of doing this… Yes it’s rewarding yes I love it yes I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

But oh my hell, it is so effing hard! Please… Can I get an AMEN!? And tell me how you guys are doing today…


Don’t Read This If You Have OCD

I cleaned the upstairs today. I mean I CLEANED it. From the top to the bottom. I poured out the sweat to prove it too. And my kids “helped”…. Oh you know, how kids like to help. Well, while my two youngest slept I put on the sheet protectors and the sheets on the beds next to them. In the semi-dark room. Bed one went great. Bed two? Put the sheet on inside out. I sat there so for a split second. Should I redo it? 

Nope, not doing it.

No no no. Will it drive me nuts? Nope. No! Deciding it won’t.

In that moment I determined that every time I looked at that bed in the next two weeks, I would remind myself of the fact that things don’t need to be perfect in order to work.

They just don’t.