Had to share this story with you guys from when I went to Walmart today: When you have two FULL Walmart carts, a sleeping baby in your arms (made the mistake of taking off my carrier earlier), the two boys are acting like rabid monkeys, your two year old has peed his pants, your hubby had to make a pit stop and so you are left in the middle of the aisle unable to go anywhere for lack of arms and thus getting 10 pity looks a min…and for the grand finale, the two boys grab the side of one cart together and lean back hard, making it topple ON TOP of them.

Cue their screaming and 3 managers appear out of nowhere to help. I couldn’t get the cart off of them because it was so heavy and I had Ruby in one arm. 

My oldest son got a HUGE knot on the back of his head but no concussions and no other injuries as far as I can tell at the moment.

Didn’t know if I should be angry at the boys for disobeying me or terribly embarrassed because of the complete chaos that was my life at the moment. Decided to be neither and just hold all three of my screaming children (Ruby had been woken up of course) and close my eyes while I comforted them. “This too shall pass, it is just a moment.” I said in my head over and over.

Now I’m home and ready to eat my adrenaline away with some of my FIL’s homemade zucchini bread. *rocks back and forth on floor hugging myself* 😫😝😮😖😱😠😆