Not sure what I’m about to write but here goes…

I have a whole 1 1/2 hours to myself. This is what I’m doing:

I could end this post right there. Yum. 

And it’s all mine.

Glorious! And speaking of glorious, I love For Kings and Country’s new Christmas song of that same name. Check it out: Glorious

So, um, I hate to leave you guys, but um, I really need some me time and I don’t even have the head capacity to really write anything. 

It’s been a helluva month.

Love to you… don’t get lost in the hustle. K? Stop and wonder right where you are right at this moment and name just one thing, no matter how tiny, for which you are grateful

You never know, that tiny thing could start dominoes of joy in your life today.

Gonna go try and take my own advice. ✌🏼


What do you do all day?

Can I get an amen to how mother effing hard this stay at home mom/cook/homeschool teacher/maid/Correctional officer/faith builder/Driver/tutor/personal assistant/seamstress/counselor /everything else under the sun gig is on a person? Some days, and this is one of those days 100% for sure “OMG “I would rather have the hardest job I’ve ever had instead of doing this… Yes it’s rewarding yes I love it yes I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

But oh my hell, it is so effing hard! Please… Can I get an AMEN!? And tell me how you guys are doing today…