If I could ask someone a specific question about my future, would I want to hear what they had to say? If what they said was just how it was going to be no matter how hard I tried or what I did. Would I still try? Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse 

Would I still make decisions to steer my life in a different direction, knowing that it was always going to be what was predicted? Would it be considered determination to try against all odds or mere stupidity, like a mouse on a running wheel. Getting nowhere fast.

But at least the mouse gets exercise. She gets stronger than the other mice that aren’t trying. I’d rather be trying and strong, though my goal be futile, than complaisant and weak, waiting for the inevitable. So I may know the shattering waves will always crash against me, but would it not be better to be able to dive into them instead of letting them smash me with their certainty?


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