Drugs (don’t worry it’s natural) ðŸ˜†

I’ve started taking meds for depression and anxiety. Even if this postpartum stuff is temporary, I didn’t want to spend one more second wasting away the moments with my family and friends, good or bad.

It’s a natural one called Travacor. Certain amino acids and some vitamins to go with it make up the ingredient list. One of my best friends recently went on Zoloft for postpartum depression and it (literally) made her want to kill herself. Thus I’m trying the natural route first.

I’ve been taking Travacor for about a week now and I’ve already started to feel a difference. Believe me I was skeptical about it even helping, so I don’t think it’s a placebo effect. It’s not like you can just “snap out” of depression. They say it takes 2-3 weeks to really take full affect. Already I’ve been feeling more energetic, motivated, calm, happy, and hopeful without any groggy or mind numbing side effects. I’d say that’s winning.

Most importantly I’ve been sillier and more openly loving towards my children and my husband. I’ve been interacting with him more, calling him on the phone more (he’s on a long work stent right now), and I even feel my sex drive start to go up a bit. Winning plus bonus!

Except for me.

Postpartum depression is no joke. It had slowly taken over my life without me even realizing it. I’m not out of it yet… But I can see the light, and as I look back at that inky darkness, it’s terrifying to think about living in that place forever. Or even one moment longer. Swallowing my pride and denial was worth it already. 


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