Cookies Are Forever 

I heard somewhere the other day, or maybe I read it, that “change cannot happen without change.” This keeps popping up in my head as the days have gone by. Why?  When you want to make major changes in your life, do you instantly think of every single thing that needs to change and try to mentally take it all in at once? I do.

I do this and then I fall apart. I become an angry, frustrated, exhausted, unhealthy person…The exact opposite of what I want to be. So really what needs to happen is for me to just take one step at a time. Cliché. Easier said than done. Sometimes it’s too easy and it doesn’t seem like I’m gaining any ground. One tiny step…does it even make a difference?

It makes all the difference in the world. Without that one tiny decision made, you won’t get anywhere. You cannot change without change.

I woke up tired this morning and didn’t want to finish yesterday’s tasks. (Totally my M.O.) It’s Saturday right?! Ugh. All three kids have been crying at the drop of a hat, which makes me wanna cry too! (Or pull my hair out… Whichever comes first.) so we started today with TV and coffee with cookies for mommy. I could let this go on all day. I’m the boss right!? Because…cookies.

But I know how days spent in front of the tv end. Lifeless and devoid of any energy or meaning.

“But I have so much to do!” It’s so overwhelming to look at everything all at once that it’s tempting to freeze and simply do nothing at all.

Okay. Here we go. One step. What does that mean today? What does it look like? At that moment all I could manage was to just get up! Things in motion are more likely to stay in motion. Just get up!  All the other tasks, worries, changes… They can come one at a time after that.

So if you’re having one of those days like I am today, be kind to yourself. That doesn’t always mean completely vegging out all day (some days call for that for sure). Sometimes being kind to yourself means taking one more step, just a tiny one in the direction that you want to go. And if all that you have accomplished for that day is keeping yourself alive, standing on your own two feet, and facing in the right direction… then that is something! It counts, believe me. Because all those somethings will add up, all of those little decisions, all of those small changes will make a change.

Now I’m gonna go make change for a $20 and buy some more cookies. Hey Judge Judgington, cookies don’t change, cookies are forever.


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