Mulligan Pt 2

So I dropped the boys off and planned to rush home to sleep while the baby sleeps. Ha! She had already fallen asleep in the car. So I pull over in a nearby neighborhood, thinking I could rest my eyes too.

Just as I’m pulling over I see a young man (late teens early 20’s) carrying a heavy sack of groceries in one hand and a pizza box with a cake precariously stacked on top of it in the other. “Just park and close your eyes” my mind said. “Hello! Offer him a ride and change his day!” Says my spirit. I still had nothing left to give.

But he didn’t know that.

I was on the verge of tears because of pain and because I was so close to rest I could almost taste it’s sweetness. Another road block? No.

This in itself was a form of rest. Remember selflessness and kindness? It looks like giving, but really it is gain in disguise. After I dropped Tristin (the young man) off at his run-down apartment, he thanked me for the 5th time and scurried up to his apparently un-air conditioned home. The door was being held open with a large box fan.

I don’t say all this to show how awesome I am. I certainly didn’t feel awesome. I say it to encourage. If there is a situation where you find yourself saying “not today, just don’t have time” or “not now I just can’t!” Maybe just go a little bit further. Do one more thing.— you can do so little and yet do so much at once!

Or you can call a mulligan. I’d totally understand 😝


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