I woke with a massive headache this morning. I get them sometimes when my neck is out for a while. So I made an appointment with the chiropractor, took some CALM (magnesium), and when I got home I took some apple cider winger with baking soda (and water) to balance my ph just in case that’s what it was and not the neck issue. I’ve had a lot of headaches since I’ve had babe #3 and I can now pop my neck on command just by jutting my chin up and sideways to the left. Not good. So I was already on my last leg, so to speak. I was already 4-wheeling up a rocky hill with only fumes in the tank. And then the headache. So what will carry me? What will help when I become like child myself and need healing and yet I have littles looking up to me still for all their needs?

Well we used to live a day’s drive from our hometown. From family and friends. And when days would come like this, I would just plow through. Possible but not healthy. The kids and hubby would feel the aftermath of the mom-storm. My husband would come home after working 12 to 16 hours to a tornado of a house with the kids climbing all over me and me breaking into tears at the sight of him.image

I’ll tell you something my friends: family (and friends that are like family) are a PROFOUND blessing. This morning I told my mom about my headache and she simply said “drop the boys off here for the next 6 hours.” WHAT!? Relief of any amount when you feel how I felt is like a miracle.

It takes a village people. To be healthy, whole, and happy… I haven’t always realized this. I had the attitude of “I can do it all, all the time.” Until I couldn’t. It takes other people’s kindness and selflessness to make it. If you don’t have family like this… Go out and be selfless and kind. You WILL find someone who will reciprocate and be there for you in the thick of it. Someone who you can call and say “I have a horrible cold, the baby is teething, I have seven loads of laundry to do, and my toddler just smeared poop all over the bathroom wall,” and they rush right over to dive in and help you. And then they tell you it’s ok to call mulligan.

Yup I call mulligan today.


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