Wub My Wips

Reality ✅ We live with my husband’s parents. I’m 33 years young, have 3 kids, and live with my in-laws. We live in one bedroom upstairs with two twin mattresses on the floor and a toddler bed on one side. Outside of the one bedroom doors, I sleep in a daybed (yup I’m high-Rollin’ it, sleeping off the ground) with the baby’s sidecar bassinet sleeper next to my bed. We actually have our own bathroom upstairs too. Winning!

Reality ✅ My husband and I don’t sleep in the same bed. Sex usually happens on the stairs or in the bathroom. We will sleep in the same bed again some day. We do co-sleep with our kids. We love it. We are packed in like sardines up here, but even if we had our own house, it would probably be the same. image

Reality ✅ I get to stay home with the kids while my husband works 2 weeks straight driving a HAZMAT truck all around WY, ND, SD, MT and Canada. Being a SAHM (a ‘stay at home mom’ for those of you who actually have lives outside of children) is THE hardest job I’ve ever had. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually… Hard hard hard hard. My hubby won’t trade jobs with me. But (cliché alert) I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Reality ✅ My middle child is 2 years old and a little fire cracker. Sweet as honey, wild as a monkey with rabies, but at that very cute stage of saying words all wrong and it’s so adorable. I was putting him to bed in his ‘big boy’ bed tonight and he says: “mommy, wub my wegs.” So I rub his legs. “Mommy, wub my alms.” So I rub his arms. “Mommy, wub my behwee.” So I rub his belly. 2 hands, 10 fingers, 2 feet, 10 toes, 1 back, 1 neck, and 2 ears later… “Mommy, wub my wips.” “Your lips!?” “Pwease mommy my wips huht.” “Ok close your eyes though and go to sleep.” “Otay mommy, wuv you mommy, mommy you wuv sweep?” “Yes I love sleep sweetie… Now close your eyes.” I ‘rubbed’ his lips for 20 seconds and he was out. Who gets growing pains in their lips!? I think I’ve been had. Ha! And I love it. It was my last ounce of effort and I could almost taste that hour of mommy alone time freedom to come, but oh how I loved his ‘so serious’ yet nonsensical requests for attention and love.

Reality ✅ I’m BEYOND tired and now my husband is begging me to rub his legs. (Like father like son) He’s had a lot of anxiety issues lately. This is mom. This is wife. I could get frustrated…many times I most certainly do. I am so needed right now. It’s maddening and overwhelming sometimes. But I am so needed…. And it won’t always be this way. He just better not ask me to rub his lips. *sigh*


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